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BEdita is a Web development framework that comes with a full-featured content management system out of the box. BEdita 3 is a solid software environment, fully compatible and respectful of Web standards. The user interface has been developed in accordance with well-established rules in usability and ergonomics, but it is also practical and enjoyable. BEdita has been built upon CakePHP, the well known framework, from which it inherits the MVC design pattern. Moreover, a number of third party libraries and tools have been used, like JQuery, Smarty, and so on.

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  •  04 Aug 2012 06:07

Release Notes: Most notable changes in this release include a Spanish UI translation, a way to enable and disabled add-ons in the admin module, new utility functions such as as 'update stream fields', 'rebuild index', 'cleanup cache', 'empty logs', and 'clear media cache', a simple mobile frontend (, many improvements in the import/export filter, and support for plugin locales in .po files. For concurrent access, update was removed from viewObject to avoid fake concurrent alerts.

  •  04 Aug 2012 06:07

Release Notes: The most important changes in this release are a fix in the admin module for overload user data loading group details, a 500 on "deleteSelected", use of nicknames in backend view URLs, alphabetic order in the object list view for categories, a form for password recovery, the ability to extend BuildFilter, and managed removal of users who have created an object.

  •  20 Mar 2012 21:27

    Release Notes: This is the sixth bugfix release for BEdita 3.1. Changes include an important update: an upgrade to tinyMCE 3.4.9 for issues with Firefox 11 and multiinstance of tinyMCE. A problem on "select all" items after search result in "add multimedia items" has been fixed. Inverse relations: use left or right object types when necessary. Minor bugfixes.

    •  06 Mar 2012 22:15

    Release Notes: The Admin module contains a mail configuration utility, a view of mail logs, presents logs for the backend and frontend, and has a view where administrators may toggle on/off all core modules. The Publication module provides a new basic XML export/import utility. The Publication module has a tool to hide sections that shouldn't be in the frontend menu and handles canonical paths. There is a new rich text editor: CKEditor.

    •  06 Mar 2012 22:15

    Release Notes: This release handles "inverse" relations in objects save and view. The gallery has categories. A bug with categories and tags still being visible in frontends when 'off' has been fixed. There is a new dummy (example) HTML5 frontend based on H5BP. This release fixes an annoying bug in searches returning incorrectly ordered results.


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