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Beanie is a flexible, distributed accounting system for medium-sized companies. It includes back-end batch processing as well as a GTK GUI and provides automated purchases, sales, and nominal ledgers as well as automated invoicing (via email). It also supports VAT and payroll.

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  •  15 Oct 2008 17:40

Release Notes: This version has considerable updates over earlier release, and isn't particularly backwards-compatible. The installation and compilation are streamlined, and the multi-database schema has been reduced to a single database per company. The GNOME GUI is still lacking, but the command line interface now has support for automated bank reconciliation (from online banking QIF files), payroll, automated billing and reminders, invoice PDF generation, statement PDF generation, and a general journal.

  •  10 Jan 2006 04:50

Release Notes: In this initial release, the billing functionality is very complete and the general ledger functionality is pretty much all there. A VAT system was added with a payroll check-in due very shortly.


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