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  •  19 Feb 2006 19:58

Release Notes: An additional check was added against empty currency symbol strings. A new command line argument --host was added for the existing host variable. If the host is localhost, DBI now connects via sockets instead of TCP/IP, which should make configuration easier for novices. The advance/retracement displays were reformatted for 79 columns.

  •  27 Jan 2006 01:12

Release Notes: The "lspositions" command was added for display of (non-aggregated) positions. The volume column in the stockprices table is now of numeric type. A market cap in trillions, as sometimes seen for British stocks quotes, is now allowed. The DatabaseHistoricalUCBFX function was added for historical FX backpopulation via service from the Sauder School at UBC. The GetFXDatum function was added for a single FX data item. --pacificfx was renamed to --ubcfx to select UBC for FX data. The currency codes for Yahoo!'s FX service were updated. Minor variable renaming and cleanups were done.

  •  15 Apr 2005 01:12

Release Notes: SQLite support was enhanced: SQLite 3 is now the default, but SQLite 2 database can still be used (or even be created) as two new options have been added to beancounter and setup_beancounter.

  •  21 Mar 2005 22:21

Release Notes: Two new commands for portfolio listing and stock deactivation were added, as well as three new command-line options. A new optional FX data backend (at UBC) was added, and several other small changes and improvements were made.

  •  27 Jan 2004 05:32

Release Notes: Database support was extended beyond PostgreSQL and MySQL to the fast and lightweight SQLite. Several new documentation files were added, and a few minor bugs have been fixed.


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