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The bdist program allows its user to build a distribution file in the standard form of: projectname-majorversion.minorversion.microversion.tgz, that contains all of the relevant files in a programming project. It has a regular expression that it uses to guess at the correct files, so in most cases the distribution file may be built simply by invoking the command with no arguments.


Recent releases

  •  20 Mar 2000 10:14

    Release Notes: Approaching 1.0 status: fixed a bug that was breaking compilations of projects that had multiple files specified in the FILE_LIST directive -- the parameters of the latter must now be surrounded by quotation marks.

    •  03 Feb 2000 16:32

      Release Notes: Revision of the man page, and the script itself is in a stable state.

      •  13 Oct 1999 13:13

        Release Notes: An up-to-date man page.

        •  05 Oct 1999 19:29

          Release Notes: Added an option in the config file to explicitly specify a list of files and directories to be included in the distribution. This is most commonly used when bdist is not automatically including certain files or directories, such as *.so, *.a, and shell scripts. Please note that this may be used either in conjunction with the -g switch to specify which files to include exclusively, or in the general case, in addition to the files included automatically.

          •  30 Sep 1999 11:15

            Release Notes: An updated man page and a change in the return value of a successful execution.

            Recent comments

            04 Sep 1999 18:40 awaterl

            bug fixes / added features
            As the co-author of the program of concern, I hereby solicit any bug fixes and/or added features that the users thereof would like to make. Please contact me at (


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