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bcpp indents C/C++ source programs, replacing tabs with spaces or the reverse. Unlike indent, it does not attempt to wrap long statements.

Operating Systems

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  •  03 Feb 2013 02:25

    Release Notes: This release adds minor changes.

    •  29 Jun 2009 03:20

      Release Notes: Minor bugfixes. An option for keeping inline comments with code.

      •  27 Jul 2005 03:14

      Release Notes: Minor bugfixes were made. The configure script was improved. The license was changed.

      •  27 Apr 2003 18:57

      Release Notes: Fixes for K&R brace style.

      •  24 Nov 2002 16:42

      Release Notes: A couple of special cases for inline comments have been corrected. A configure script. has been added.


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