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bbsengine is a modular, object-oriented application framework that implements and manages templates, permissions, membership, database access, etc. It currently includes modules that allow for news, forums, links, and so forth.

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RSS Recent releases

Release Notes: Template usage has been improved, making it less likely that the Webmaster needs to know PHP in order to make changes to the system. Several bugs were fixed in the code, including one in the sig module that would cause data loss when editing. CAPTCHA protection has been added to article comments and sig posts.

Release Notes: Use of the Smarty Template engine was improved, and the way the forums work was redesigned. The potential for SQL-injection type attacks has been mitigated. Please note that this is a beta-quality release.

Release Notes: This release added a new "rssfeed.php" module and a helper application written in Python for polling websites for their RSS feeds. The code was cleaned up by removing unused functions and database tables. This release is much more tightly integrated with PEAR's DB module and should perform slightly better.

Release Notes: This release contains code cleanups, minor security fixes, minor feature enhancements, and relies upon PostgreSQL 7.3.x. There is now a sourceforge project called 'eros' used to track bugs, feature requests, downloads, mailing lists, etc.

Release Notes: A "whitepages" module has been added which allows someone who is logged into their account to perform a lookup of any user on the system. Several problems with the templates have been fixed. A problem that allowed news to be inserted without a category has been fixed. Serveral issues with sig handling have been fixed.


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A C implementation of NTRUEncrypt.


Project Spotlight


A video conversion tool.