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Release Notes: This release completes the Bayonne XMLRPC service and adds a Unix local socket XMLRPC transport (for those not wishing to expose Bayonne internal API access over a network) and more user identity and destination dialing enhancements.

Release Notes: Code cleanup was done and new baseline libraries are used for future development: ccrtp >= 1.5.0, Common C++ >= 1.5.0, and ccscript3 >= 1.1.0.

Release Notes: Lots of minor enhancements were made in SIP operation, including the ability to specify answering mode attributes in registry and extension properties. Delayed answering and unbilling call rejection is supported, as well as extended 3g/ims answering handshakes, along with improvements in sdp negotiation and support for sdp codec attributes. Improvements have been made to silent filled audio in rtp (Bayonne normally defaults to supression of silent RTP packets to reduce network traffic).

Release Notes: Related hold and transfer/transfer recall of bridged calls on SIP extensions are now supported. Some improvement was done in call setup. Bridge based call detail reporting was introduced alongside segment reporting. Call connect modes were added for prepaid calling as well as for normal calling.

Release Notes: Server audio and scripting can be placed on hold and resumed under control of extension. Hold/resume has been integrated into webservices and monitor. Call bridges now generate separate billing records. Smarter use of reconnect through re-invite in peg legged SIP calling. Direct support for SIP gateways, both those registered through Bayonne and those associated with an external service provider.

Release Notes: Support for SIP "peg legged" call connect (and mid-call RTP suspend and codec re-negotiation) whereby one call leg is re-invited to shift codec mid-call before initiating RTP proxy join. Cleaner support for various G.72x adpcm formats. Some other general cleanup in the Bayonne SIP driver code.

Release Notes: Bayonne peer calling between SIP UAs through reinvites has been implemented. Other changes have been made to clarify the operation of Bayonne dialing plans.

Release Notes: Enhancements for building dialing plans in config files including merging of plans, for supporting passing of call completion states to external apps such as for voice broadcast, for management of call instance for ring notification, and better functionality for configured call limits. Greatly improved server shutdown.

Release Notes: Support was added for receiving SIP presence publication messages, including an option to support broken SIP clients which cannot authenticate SIP publish events. SIP state and call traffic information is now persistant over runtime server configure reloads.

Release Notes: Fixes issues related to loading multiple arbitrary drivers and selecting audio/channel encoding when performing gateway operations between card drivers and protocol stacks, such as for running Bayonne PSTN gateways. Fixes connect issues with timing control and cancelling call requests. Some small fixes for Java support, PPC, and x64 architectures.


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