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Version 20050116 of bayonne

Release Notes: SIP support now works, as does rfc2833 dtmf provisioning. SIP (and Bayonne testing) works under Mac OS X in addition to Win32 and GNU/Linux.

Other releases

Release Notes: Much expansion of integrated Web services for telephony, and introduction of telephony network eventing to allow remote clients to receive Bayonne events serialized as XML over HTTP. The ability to exchange Bayonne documents and audio over the integrated Web server. Support for new and special proxy mode authentication calling in the SIP driver.

Release Notes: This release completes the Bayonne XMLRPC service and adds a Unix local socket XMLRPC transport (for those not wishing to expose Bayonne internal API access over a network) and more user identity and destination dialing enhancements.

Release Notes: Support for using Bayonne to operate as a "public" Internet telephony portal or SIP proxy, including the ability for arbitrary outside parties to call Bayonne hosted URI destinations, forwarding and redirecting of calls, and support for virtual "named hosting" of dialing plans.

Release Notes: Dynamic runtime reloading of configuration keys and driver settings is now supported. New simplified dialplan rules for fast hash-based lookup of dialed destinations through dialed.conf. New did/callerid handling rules.

Release Notes: The introduction of integrated Bayonne XMLRPC services to manage and remotely control Bayonne. The introduction of PBX style call session management in the Bayonne architecture.


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