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Release Notes: Library signature recognition is now supported via the signatures plugin; control-flow graph generation and output of graphs in GDL format is now supported via the graph plugin. Both PE and AR file formats are supported. Autodecection of the target file format is now supported via a 'magic(5)'-style conf file as used by file(1). An ncurses front-end named 'bda' has been provided.

Release Notes: Fixes for build errors and disassembler bugs, new output plugins, system call recognition, new man pages, and new UNIX interpreter-style behavior (support for #! scripts).

Release Notes: Added extensions (modules for CPU, assembler, source language, and also plugins). Wrote a basic Tk frontend, and added support for structures.

Release Notes: A more reliable Makefile, fixes for string and subroutine recognition, more sensible output, new command line features, and some documentation.


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