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BASIC-256 is a simple BASIC IDE that allows young children to learn to program. It was written in response to David Brin's article, "Why Johnny Can't Code," in which he bemoans the lack of a simple, line-oriented programming language for children that runs on modern computers. It features a byte-code compiler and interpreter, a debugger, easy to use graphical and text output, and an editor.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2007 20:57

    Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs and adds anonymous arrays, improved translations, documentation, and examples. A SOUND command is in progress, but not complete for all versions.

    •  09 Dec 2006 05:27

      Release Notes: This version adds a syntax highlighter to the editor, a variable watch window to the debugger, syntax improvements, and new and updated examples.

      •  27 Nov 2006 03:39

        Release Notes: The user interface has been redesigned and enhanced, file access commands have been added to the language, and a "poly" function to draw complex shapes has been added, along with three new string manipulation functions. The build process has been streamlined and reduced to two commands.

        •  09 Nov 2006 17:32

          Release Notes: This release adds a step-through debugger, numerous user interface enhancements in the editor, a PAUSE command that halts execution for a specified time with sub-second precision, a LINE command that draws lines in the graphics output, and various bugfixes. With this release, the project has changed its name from KidBASIC to BASIC-256 to avoid confusion with another project.

          •  29 Oct 2006 13:35

            Release Notes: This version fixes a number of outstanding bugs, adds internationalization support, and adds a number of menu options, including a fully functional edit menu.


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