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  •  07 Apr 2013 23:37

    Release Notes: There is a Linux fix for filesystem integration. This bug was introduced in 6.0-6.2 and caused WebDAV to crash.

    •  17 Mar 2013 23:26

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  04 Mar 2012 19:57

        Release Notes: This release includes a new tunnel server engine for the new MxTunnel SOCKS5/4 and tunnel client. It supports Microsoft Word's "publish to blog" feature. Metaweblog fixes (now works with Blogilo). The internal HttpStunnel startup sequence was modified to circumvent a bug in Java Web Start. Barracudadrive is now available for multiple Linux platforms such as Western Digital's My Book Live, the SheevaPlug, CentOS, etc.

        •  01 Sep 2011 04:57

        Release Notes: The File Mailer is a new product integrated with the BarracudaDrive WebDAV and Web File Manager. Files of any size can be uploaded using WebDAV or the drag and drop box feature in the Web File Manager. These files can then be sent as attachments or links to individuals or to predefined lists. Files can be emailed to an unlimited amount of lists and each list can have an unlimited amount of contacts.

        •  11 Feb 2011 06:24

          Release Notes: Many minor improvements were made.

          •  22 Oct 2010 05:58

          Release Notes: This is a major Linux update.

          •  11 Apr 2007 10:37

          Release Notes: This release has been redesigned.

          •  17 Oct 2006 23:48

            Release Notes: The new Lua Server Pages (LSP) plugin was added. The LSP plugin makes it possible to extend BarracudaDrive and write customized Web applications with the Lua scripting language. LSP is fast, small, easily deployed, and supports multiple concurrent requests.

            •  12 Jun 2006 13:12

              Release Notes: This release adds WebDAV, a set of extensions to the HTTP(S) protocol that allows a server to appear as a standard network drive.

              •  12 Feb 2006 00:30

              Release Notes: A WYSIWYG HTML editor and a DHTML search application for searching the remote hard drive were added.


              Project Spotlight


              A rules-based utility that notices files and perform actions on them.


              Project Spotlight

              Collax Groupware Suite

              A complete collaboration, e-mail, and messaging server with Outlook MAPI support.