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05 Mar 2003 03:17 chbm

Re: libesmtp >= 0.8.6
You can find RH7.x builds of libesmtp at

17 May 2002 12:46 Myok

libesmtp >= 0.8.6

The requirement for "libesmtp >= 0.8.6 is the only thing keeping me from trying out balsa. This seems like a very high requirement for a production release. RedHat 7.3 still comes with 0.8.4.

31 Mar 2002 12:40 intervox

I'm sure I've done something wrong, but I'm currently running 1.2.3,and wanted to run 1.2.4, but I get this error: libesmtp >= 0.8.6 is needed by balsa-1.2.4-1. So I go install libesmtp-0.8.11, but it still doesn't work. I don't want to install 0.8.6 due to buffer leaks in that version. Any ideas? Keep up the great work, Balsa is my favorite mail program! :)

04 Jul 2000 17:31 spluess

Not finishing initial configuration
I have downloaded both the source and the rpm for balsa 0.81 and in both cases it compiles successfully and installs.
Now when I launch it for the first time it goes into a configuration window where to enter personal information and on the second screen the location of the default mail files.

Now when I click on Next the window is empty with just the Back and the Cancel button active.

Any hint's/ideas why I can't get further?


03 Jul 2000 14:00 pimpsmurf

pop3 support please?
as most ISPs use pop3 instead of IMAP why not get the pop3 code out of beta? This is suppose to be the gnome mail UA?
when? in 2003?


18 Jan 2000 22:09 geneheskett, missing? Even after compiled?
I installed it all at work today, and had to make a softlink from where the
install script put it to the /lib dir. Then it ran just fine except for the go-round trying to actually make it send a message you *thought* you
had told it to send. Did anybody else ever here of 'committing' the message to actually get it sent? Huh? Me neither.

Other than that little bit of nit-picking, it seemed to work ok. I have to admit that I am spoiled though, coming into linux by looking for an email agent as good as the Amiga's THOR. Thats a swiss army knife, doing it all, including news.


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