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01 Sep 2000 04:47 howarthc

It works.. you don't
I witnessed the testing phase This is a wicked app that works. I suggest you download it today and enjoy a carefree working environment and a happy, yet continually bemused, supervisor. Enjoy the admiration of your colleagues and adoration of your lady friends. This works on all boss types below the skill level of "Senior Technical Administrative Manager". Anything above that skill level may be risky. Respect to JJ for bringing this to the public

30 Aug 2000 16:14 kimo

Killer App
All you need for a stress free term in an operational environment. I have seen balmail run in anger and the results are phenomenal. I suggest that for best results, you should ensure that you are managed by the gullible and confused...shouldnt be too difficult :)

Muchos cahones jj

30 Aug 2000 15:20 tris

Proven track record...
The author has subjected this utility to thorough
and extensive testing, and it now has a proven
track record in one of the most intense operational
environments known to man.
The provided jobs.txt is sufficient for most level of
middle management, and the holiday feature is a welcome
addition since tyhe tools initial creation.

JJ, you rock, from someone who was there...

30 Aug 2000 13:32 chetang



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