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BackupLoupe helps you analyze the time and space used by Apple's Time Machine facility and gives you greater control over the backup process. It can quickly identify the items which take up the most space. Its history feature shows how many versions of an item are available and when they were saved, as well as allowing quick navigation between versions. Drag and drop can be used to restore items to any location. Backed up items can be revealed in the Finder. File types are instantly identified. Files can be previewed and opened. Items can be excluded from future backups without opening Time Machine's preferences. Multiple Time Machine disks can be handled, as can backups in non-standard locations.

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  •  13 Mar 2014 14:09

    Release Notes: Columns in the Find window are now sortable. A bug where background indexing sometimes did not honor the 'Record deleted items' preferences setting was fixed along with a visual glitch with very narrow columns, long file names, and a large number of deleted files. The size of deleted files is now displayed in proper units and not bytes only.

    •  05 Mar 2014 22:39

      Release Notes: This release improves handling of snapshots containing multiple volumes and fixes a deadlock when a device is mounted/unmounted while BL is initializing.

      •  28 Feb 2014 21:51

        Release Notes: Properly marks deleted folders (not just files). The font size of folders containing deleted items has been adjusted.

        •  28 Jan 2014 18:45

          Release Notes: This release can track deleted items and doesn't use a discrete gfx card on dual-GPU MBPs.

          •  01 Dec 2013 18:51

            Release Notes: Background indexing now works for OSX Mavericks as well. File type information is no longer truncated when a file cannot be read due to insufficient permissions. Updated documentation.


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