Version 0.4.7 of Back-End

Release Notes: This release adds an installer, an updater from .4.6 to .4.7, sub-templates for the counter and spotlight, an admin stats display (uptime, visits, etc.), article specific templates, RSS/RDF/XML/WAP summary of spotlighted articles, an error_log file to track PHP/MySQL errors, a timer, better CSS integration, database improvements, breadcrumbs, smart text functions, and better online help.

Other releases

  •  27 Jun 2005 23:23

Release Notes: Localization was increased. User-defined comment thresholds and other SlashDot-style comment features were added. The template/skinning system was greatly simplified. Logging of search terms and error pages was introduced. User-access can now be controlled on a per-section basis. A CMS designed with mulitlingual objects was added to allow users to view your content in the language of their choice. The enhanced user interface is template based, so it is highly configurable, but is also designed for CSS/XHTML compliance.

  •  29 Mar 2005 09:03

Release Notes: This release adds a clean, accessible XHTML skin ("allcss") that is bilingual (en/fr) by default, eAdvocacy tools, and a tell-a-friend function.

  •  02 Nov 2004 03:36

Release Notes: Support for non-Latin character sets has been improved, and support for language dependent URLs was added. The block administration was extended to make it easier for administrators to manage. Better support for RSS 1.0 and subsite generation of newsfeeds was added. Improvements were made in accessibility and the use of XHTML conventions. Improvements were made in link pagination.

  •  17 Aug 2004 00:53

Release Notes: The primary security change in this release is that all user input is now filtered through the same class to ensure that it is not open to database exploits. A number of significant feature enhancements have also been included such as the undelete function for sections and articles as well as our first XHTML release.

  •  21 Jun 2004 21:25

Release Notes: The biggest change from the previous release is the versioning script which now allows administrators to keep track of changes to articles. This represents a significant enhancement to controlling work flow. BE_functions has also been re-organized to make it easier for new developers to understand the functions that are called in various BE pages. There's also a better implementation of CUPE's feedback module to allow administrators to keep track of feedback and track responses. There have been a number of other changes to fix bugs which have been discovered or enhance performance.


Project Spotlight


A polymorphic plotting program.


Project Spotlight

ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC

A minimal BASIC compiler.