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25 Jan 2004 18:16 lunaryn

Re: source...

> So where's the source code...?

To clarify, if the terms are GPL and the source is not provided, and all the code is copyright the initial distributor, the GPL provides permission to use the distributed binaries, but no other permission; that is, you may not redistribute it at all.

On the other hand, if there is GPL code copyright to anyone other than the initial distributor, this project is in violation of the GPL and is being distributed illegally.

Clarification by any party knowledgeable about the copyright status of this program would be helpful.

27 Apr 2003 07:05 estark

How can this be GPLed if there are no sources? I was
hoping to try it out, but the RPM doesn't seem to care
about what you have on your system. I have qt >= 3.0.3
along with all the other libraries. I'd try to figure out the
problem myself, but I can't because this project is
seemingly closed source.


16 Apr 2003 16:18 alexcrow

No sources
Well, on SourceForge there are 2 RPMs: one for RH7.3, second for RH8, but both contain /usr/babysee which is statically linked(?) so real requirements still unknown. And please either upgrade your compiler (i've got QT3.1 compiled with g++ 3.2, and linker complains of missing symbols -- we know it's just changes of naming conventions in new GCC) or GIVE US SOME *.cpp's!!! :)

24 Feb 2003 19:50 lunaryn

So where's the source code...?


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