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Release Notes: The conversion modules were rearranged, and a Microsoft Excel module was added. DOM4J is now used in the conversion code. A bug was fixed where when pipeline stages are ignored, the pipeline stage processing halted. Synchronization has been added to the journalling code.

Release Notes: There are numerous small changes, changes to the scanner code to stop memory leakage, and changes to the FTP writer and other writer pipline stages. A way to call another pipeline from a pipeline has been introduced. This has the consequent benefit of getting the documents that have been processed by the pipeline.

Release Notes: The MailboxScanner now features attachment messages and session management. Recursive directory scanning, and inclusion and exclusion filters were added to DirectoryScanner. PipelineDocument extends Named and adds name. Sesssion handling was updated in the SmtpWriter.

Release Notes: This release has a more consistent command line interface, complete user objects, and new connection pooling. Work has been done on the pipeline factories, especially performance, and on the velocity context objects. Almost all code has been moved to new collection classes for better performance. A bug in ResourceLoader has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release features optimizations and refactoring, more documentation and examples, the addition of SOAP and regular HTTP Post interfaces, and the removal of all external dependancies. SqlUser (Resource)Factory was added.

Release Notes: Multiple pipelines now supported in this release. There was lots of work making the code ready for 1.0. The documentation was updated considerably. The package structure was moved, and the configuration server removed. Things are now much simpler to operate.

Release Notes: Major documentation updates were made, an email scanner was added, and the scanner was debugged. Licensed code has been moved away, and Velocity was updated to 1.3.

Release Notes: Pipeline stages now work correctly with the tests. There were also major documentation updates, changes to the jndidatasource configuration, a new SMTP pipeline stage, and updated test scripts.


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