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12 Oct 2001 03:01 Pierr0

old but good
still compiles without a problem on a Red Hat 7.1. Old,
but works perfect.
Faster and smaller than a lot of new ftp clients.

26 May 2000 06:09 jconner83

Love the app...
It looks like ws-ftp classic version. Sure you may have to refresh at times, but one mouse click extra doesn't make a bad program. It compiles on Caldera 2.3 without any problems.

07 Mar 2000 13:15 drskwid

It works for me
I've just installed this after failing with the 0.4.4 source yesterday - got foiled by the name change.
Now I've got a WS-ftp clone for FreeBSD which is useful because downloading those directories is a pain.
If anyone wants a model for the ideal ftp client under windows then check out LeechFTP ( runs under Windows and is closed but freeware.

31 Mar 1999 20:29 snugglebeftgraag

Great app
I compilled the latest version whit no problems @ all on redhat 5,2 running kernel 2.2.4
Topic says it al, i love this great program

Cheers mate


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