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AxY FTP (formerly known as WXftp) is an easy-to-use FTP client for the X Window System. Features include an intuitive user interface (Motif and GTK+), side-by-side local and remote directory listings, simple and convenient session manager, on-line help, progress bar, passive and non-passive transfers, and more.


Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2000 03:19

    Release Notes: A fix for a bug that prevented directory listings to be visible on some displays, and several other minor fixes.

    •  24 Jan 2000 21:54

      Release Notes: The name has been changed from WXftp to AxY FTP. The handling of the redial delay option and the profiles for both interfaces was fixed. The build process now uses autoconf/automake. Non-passive transfers are now implemented and have been tested with SOCKS firewalls. Various icons are included in the distribution. Motif 1.2 (including Lesstif) is currently supported. Use of XbaeMatrix has beed dropped in favor of XmAxyList, which is supplied with the distribution. The use of CDE DtWidget library (ComboBox widget) is now supported, and a working clone is supplied.

      •  14 Mar 1999 10:07

        Release Notes: The password visibility bug when compiled with GTK+-1.2 has been fixed.

        •  07 Mar 1999 21:37

          Release Notes: WXftp has been portted to GTK+ - 1.2. Several visible bugs have also been fixed.

          •  21 Dec 1998 21:49

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            12 Oct 2001 03:01 Pierr0

            old but good
            still compiles without a problem on a Red Hat 7.1. Old,
            but works perfect.
            Faster and smaller than a lot of new ftp clients.

            26 May 2000 06:09 jconner83

            Love the app...
            It looks like ws-ftp classic version. Sure you may have to refresh at times, but one mouse click extra doesn't make a bad program. It compiles on Caldera 2.3 without any problems.

            07 Mar 2000 13:15 drskwid

            It works for me
            I've just installed this after failing with the 0.4.4 source yesterday - got foiled by the name change.
            Now I've got a WS-ftp clone for FreeBSD which is useful because downloading those directories is a pain.
            If anyone wants a model for the ideal ftp client under windows then check out LeechFTP ( runs under Windows and is closed but freeware.

            31 Mar 1999 20:29 snugglebeftgraag

            Great app
            I compilled the latest version whit no problems @ all on redhat 5,2 running kernel 2.2.4
            Topic says it al, i love this great program

            Cheers mate


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