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AxKit is a mod_perl-based XML Application Server for Apache. Employing a rich set of standards-compliant techniques as well as extensible scripting options, AxKit provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to a variety of other formats including HTML, WAP, and plain text. AxKit's notable technical features include the introduction of XPathScript, a powerful, Perl-based transformation language, built-in support for XSLT, "smart" caching, and the easy creation of dynamic XML documents.


RSS Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2002 13:04

Release Notes: Separation of content and style providers, a new axkit:// URI scheme for internal requests, a new AxTraceIntermediate option for saving pipeline stages for debugging, many bugfixes, and other enhancements.

  •  01 Jan 2002 05:38

Release Notes: Performance improvements, dynamic plugins, AxKit as a proper Apache module, a rewritten XSP engine, TaglibHelper improvements, a PassiveTeX XSLFO renderer, and fixes for compilation on MacOS X and SunPRO/C were added.

  •  05 Jun 2001 14:28

Release Notes: This release contains many bug fixes. Functionality has been improved in all areas, and there are performance increases and an XSP engine re-write (all taglib modules re-released to CPAN). A TaglibHelper module has been added (for easier XSP taglibs). Config directives code has been re-implemented in pure C. There is better content-type handling, XML::LibXSLT support, an AxPoint PDF slideshow module, an AxNoCache option, and much more.

  •  17 Feb 2001 06:45

Release Notes: This release includes improvements to the XSP engine to allow taglibs to be written more easily, better dependencies checking, and an import_template() function in XPathScript.

  •  11 Feb 2001 15:25

Release Notes: Quite a few bugfixes (including some for segfaults), use of iconv rather than Unicode::* modules to do character set conversions, an updated filter provider for Apache::Filter >= 1.13, ability for XPathScript to interpolate "{xpath}" in $t hash, and a reduced required modules list. Sablotron was removed from due to some segfaults. AxResetProcessors was added, and Apache::Filter support was improved. A much-improved installer, many XSP changes/fixes, use of the XML::XPath DOM tree, memoization of methods that call stat() in Cache and Providers, and many miscellaneous improvements are also included.


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