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Axis2M increase the usability of Apache Axis2 by integrating with Maven2 with a Convention over Configuration concept. It provides a Quickstart archetype "run" plug-in to run SimpleHttpServer, customized versions of WSDL2Code,Java2WSDL, and AAR plug-ins.


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06 May 2009 16:03 sagaragu

Axis2M was released it's first millstone release as M1.

This realse includes
� quickstart archetype
provide easy start for Hello world axis2 web service only using few number
of Maven commands . Also this genarate standred j2ee project
layout for axis2
peoject, and provide WAR pacakgeing option for both services
and modules.

� axis2m:run goal to to run Axis2 simple Http server
This Maven plug-in facilitates to run Axis2's simple Http server with Maven,
those who familiar with axis2 standard distribution can use same server.

� axis2m:WSDL2Java goal to simplfy code genaration under Maven project
This is a customized version of Axis2 WSDL2Code maven plug-in; this will
generate java codes with minimum number of configuration
options and garneted
code are compatible with Maven project structure.

� Pre-configuration of axis2 ARR, MAR plug-ins for quickstart archetype.
Once the project is created using axis2m quickstart archetype axis2 AAR
and axis2 MAR maven plug-ins are configured with project layout so that
users not required configure POM file again.

� Sample applications


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