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  •  27 Feb 2014 02:02

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

    •  29 Jan 2014 23:24

      Release Notes: Bugs in SE and SS timers were fixed. Support for DBNO, DBLG, DINO, and DILG was added. Basic support for project files was added. Basic support for symbols was added.

      •  23 Jan 2014 20:46

        Release Notes: Packaging was improved.

        •  22 Jan 2014 00:19

          Release Notes: Status word and DB/DI-register handling around CALLs was fixed. Performance improvements were made.

          •  24 Nov 2013 21:58

            Release Notes: A widget for displaying REAL values was added. Support for direct bit manipulation on WORD and DWORD values was added to the checkbox widget. Some bugs were fixed.

            •  19 Aug 2013 02:28

              Release Notes: Performance improvements were made. GUI support was added to the LinuxCNC module. Profiler support was added. Various Cython improvements were made.

              •  10 Aug 2013 18:36

                Release Notes: Support for indirect addressing was added. Optional support for OB TEMP entry-variables was added. Support for SFC 64 was added Bugs were fixed.

                •  03 Aug 2013 22:42

                  Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. An experimental LinuxCNC HAL module was added.

                  •  28 Jul 2013 20:57

                    Release Notes: Experimental support for PROFIBUS hardware access was added. A runtime error on Python2 / 32-bit was fixed. Timekeeping was updated to use perf-counter, if available.

                    •  20 Jul 2013 08:32

                      Release Notes: Performance improvements, various GUI improvements, and bugfixes.


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