Version 0.0.12 of AWIT DBackup

Release Notes: This is the first release.

Other releases

  •  27 Oct 2013 18:43

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes.

  •  29 Sep 2012 01:11

Release Notes: This release adds many updates and bugfixes, and a .deb file.

  •  31 Jan 2012 00:23

Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes, reworks some logging, adds a --backup-upgrade option, and has better backwards compatibility.

  •  13 Jan 2012 16:14

Release Notes: This release adds improvements and feature enhancements.

  •  10 Jan 2012 22:44

Release Notes: Major feature enhancements.


Project Spotlight


Intercepts and logs database statements of applications using JDBC


Project Spotlight


A framework for distributed industrial automation and control.