Version 0.4.5 of AweMUD

Release Notes: This release has numerous internal changes: a new player system, restructured world/zone/room relationships, and the list.cpp and list.h files that caused some versions of gcc to crash and burn have been restructures.

    Other releases

    •  15 Jan 2006 21:01

    Release Notes: Scriptix has been merged into the AweMUD codebase.

    •  29 Nov 2005 14:15

    Release Notes: Expanded character description capabilities. NPCs and objects are defined by blueprints. A new character action system is available. Greatly expanded scripting capabilities. Objects deteriorate over time. NPCs can leave corpses. Many other additional features and bugfixes.

    •  09 Jul 2004 13:44

    Release Notes: Various minor feature enhancements, bugfixes, and other small improvements make this the most stable and usable release to date.

    •  15 Feb 2004 21:50

    Release Notes: Player account management, an enhanced privilege system, and a new control interface are now present. AweMUD also now has much better player character details support, along with enhanced flavor text in various areas. Additional enhancements include scriptable room exit behaviour, a more power dynamic text parser, and many more minor featurettes.

    •  08 Dec 2003 03:56

    Release Notes: A complete AI system is now included. Basic stores are now implemented. Other improvements include an updated exit system, a new garbage collector, proper use of English articles in entity names, and templated objects and NPCs.


    Project Spotlight


    A static analysis automation framework.


    Project Spotlight


    A CalDAV Web client.