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  •  30 Apr 2007 10:58

Release Notes: A wizard that allows quick creation of Web forms has been added. Transactions and save points support have been added to the MySQL and PostgreSQL backends. When a database backend with transaction support is used, all action handlers are wrapped in database transactions, which guarantees that the database state is always consistent. Functions have been added to the database API that allow creation, erasing, and rollback to transaction save points, provided that the underlying database backend supports transactions and save points. There are various small code cleanups and improvements.

  •  21 Dec 2006 22:32

Release Notes: CSS styles, JavaScript files, data files, action aliases, and redirects have been replaced with support for generic URLs. When creating a redirect URL, its type (permanent/temporary) can be specified. Library JavaScript functions are no longer added to the project by default. Instead they are kept in a separate package that can be explicitly imported into the project. Documentation has been enhanced. A bug that prevented some of the pages from working correctly in Internet Explorer was fixed. A bug that prevented projects from compiling was fixed. Other small bugs were fixed.


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