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Advanced Website Creator

Advanced Website Creator is a Web development environment. Created websites use an MVC framework written in PHP 5 and a simple database abstraction layer. At present the database layer supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite as backends. All PHP classes are auto-loaded, so there is no need to include() or require() files manually. Search engine friendly URLs are supported via mod_rewrite. The program has wizards for quick generation of forms and CRUD pages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2007 13:40

    Release Notes: HTML code generated by the runtime framework was changed to be XML 1.1 compliant. List values no longer have a 64 character length limit. Several bugs in the VADE wizard that could cause it to generate incorrect code were fixed. A bug in the FORM wizard that could prevent it from correctly displaying error messages was fixed.

    •  01 Sep 2007 21:37

      Release Notes: A new wizard has been added that allows quick generation of database tables and the corresponding list, add, edit, and delete pages. A bug has been fixed in the Windows version which could prevent the Web server from starting correctly. A bug has been fixed that could cause errors when the back-end database did not support transactions. A bug has been fixed in the cookie-handling JavaScript functions.

      •  20 May 2007 11:08

        Release Notes: Advanced Website Creator has been ported to Windows and can run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Compiled projects now are created as .zip files instead of .tar.gz files. Compatibility issues with PHP 5.0 have been fixed in the runtime library. A bug that prevented AWC and compiled projects from running correctly on ports different from 80 has been fixed. A bug that prevented correct display and logging of SQL errors has been fixed.

        •  30 Apr 2007 17:58

          Release Notes: A wizard that allows quick creation of Web forms has been added. Transactions and save points support have been added to the MySQL and PostgreSQL backends. When a database backend with transaction support is used, all action handlers are wrapped in database transactions, which guarantees that the database state is always consistent. Functions have been added to the database API that allow creation, erasing, and rollback to transaction save points, provided that the underlying database backend supports transactions and save points. There are various small code cleanups and improvements.

          •  04 Apr 2007 10:22

            Release Notes: A bug that prevented correct deletion of templates has been fixed. A bug that prevented changing of action field types has been fixed. A bug that sometimes prevented compilation of databases has been fixed.


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