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  •  27 Mar 2004 12:46

Release Notes: This version includes a Web-based application, named "Involuntary Amateur Sky Survey" (diaskys), which searches in a database for CCD images containing a given position on the sky, so that one can check for the presence and magnitude of a suspect object. It can also search for images on which an object following a given trajectory may have been caught. Support for generating a suitable database from a collection of fits files is also included.

  •  15 Feb 2004 09:32

Release Notes: An internal database of previous observations and the status of their reporting were added to aavso with info extracted from fits file headers and the aavso "recent observations" page. Web pages are now generated for each variable star, with links to Web pages of individual observations.

  •  31 Jan 2004 13:54

Release Notes: A scheduler of variable star observations was added which selects lists of stars according to various criteria, optimizes telescope movements from star to star, and generates a script for the GCX telescope control program to obtain images of the stars in an automatic manner.


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