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AVR Libc is a high quality C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

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  •  22 Sep 2012 00:58

    Release Notes: This release adds numerous bugfixes, deprecates the old prog_* typedefs (they are only included now if requested by the user), and  optimizes strlen_P.

    •  30 Dec 2005 21:48

    Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where util/delay.h was missing an inline keyword. An incorrect definition of the IVSEL bit in the MCUCR register was fixed. The simple demo was modernized a bit. New "largedemo" and "stdiodemo" demo projects were added. The demo projects now install their source code as part of the documentation tree. ATtiny24, ATtiny44, and ATtiny84 are now supported.

    Release Notes: Major API changes were made. The standard IO facilities API has been enhanced. An API has been added to track the library version number. Many bugs were fixed.


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