Version 0.47.3 of Avifile

Release Notes: Fixes for some serious bugs in the AVI writing module and problems with 11 KHz MP3 audio.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: XFT support has been reenabled. A file missing from the 33 release has been added.

    •  14 Nov 2001 06:44

    Release Notes: A solution for popup window problem with latest Qt libraries is included. Many other bugfixes were added. There are still some remaining problems with font names in Qt3 libraries.

    Release Notes: Several known compilation problems were resolved. This version also fixes some problems with the registry for Win32 codecs. DivX4 codecs settings for brightness, contrasts, and saturation (for YUY2 and RGB modes) are now supported. This version should be compilable with Qt3.0, but there is still an unresolved problem with Windows popup menus.

    •  09 Feb 2001 02:42

    Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, performance enhancments in DirectShow, and restored MJPEG functionality.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

      Release Notes: YUV (hardware) support and bugfixes.


      Project Spotlight

      PHP Email address validation component

      PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid.


      Project Spotlight


      A compression library for lzip files