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Avifile Glue Patch for mpeg2_movie

Avifile Glue for mpeg2_movie started as a simple patch against heroinewarrior mpeg2_movie to utilize libavifile, however the project got out of hand and currently supports the Nuppelvideo file format for input and the MJPEGtools' mpeg2enc YUV4MPEG format for output. Originally, this project's intent was not to become a new package, but only to provide direct AVI to MPEG conversion for the GNU/Unix/Linux community until the core feature (linking against libaviplay) was integrated into the main encoder, but this goal has been abandoned. The project's current goad is to enable as many encoders as possible with the ability to read AVI, NUV, and QT.

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Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2001 14:20

    Release Notes: Quite a few bugfixes were made. New additions include an audio extractor for videos which are supported by libavifile, Nuppelvideo support for recording from BTTV without framedrops, YUV output which is compatible with mjpegtools, a modularized design, and scaling code for resizing and adding letterbox bars.


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