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Release Notes: In this release, MX4J (JMX) is loaded by default. Beanshell kernel capability has been . XDoclet has been improved for JMX manifests. Block-initiated shutdown support has been added.

Release Notes: JMX capability via the embedded MX4J application.

Release Notes: Major enhancements to the JdbcDataSource code, new container management code and asynchronous command processing in the scratchpad jar, and new Buffer classes that outperform ArrayList for the same purpose.

Release Notes: This version was updated to the new Avalon logging framework. Support for undeploying/uninstalling server apps was added. The app deployment format was reworked. The Phoenix Developer's Kit (PDK) was started. Full incorporation of JMX code into the kernel was started. The code to validate installations was separated into distinct classes.

Release Notes: LogKit management and resource monitoring were added. Component management was made more robust. Several bugfixes were made. Support for Informix JDBC pooling was added.


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A LED matrix controller.


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Knot DNS

An authoritative DNS server.