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Release Notes: There are some changes to AvalonFormatter, and build improvements. There is control over how deep the nested exception logging goes, and whether nested exceptions should be logged at all.

  •  21 Dec 2001 15:28

Release Notes: The last release was built using JDK 1.4's compiler, which produced some classes that were incompatible with prior Java Virtual Machines. It is recommended that you upgrade if you are using 4.1.

Release Notes: This release adds namespace support to configuration objects, an abstraction layer for different logging toolkits, and support for Log4J and JDK 1.4 logging.

Release Notes: A new method to the Component Manager and Selector for discovering if a Component exists inside or not, updates to the default versions with the basic implementation to discover them, a new "Developing with Avalon" book in DocBook format, an Executable interface to activity package, and updates to the Resolvable interface to allow a ContextException to be thrown on failure.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

Release Notes: This is an alpha release of some major framework changes; the design patterns have solidified and formalized. Over the next few months, expect a comprehensive set of services to be built into the base.


Project Spotlight


A polymorphic plotting program.


Project Spotlight

ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC

A minimal BASIC compiler.