Version 4.1.2 of Avalon

Release Notes: There are some changes to AvalonFormatter, and build improvements. There is control over how deep the nested exception logging goes, and whether nested exceptions should be logged at all.

Other releases

  •  24 Apr 2003 03:28

Release Notes: Excalibur-Thread was upgraded to 1.1 and the method for specifying JNDI naming handlers in the kernel was improved.

Release Notes: In this release, MX4J (JMX) is loaded by default. Beanshell kernel capability has been . XDoclet has been improved for JMX manifests. Block-initiated shutdown support has been added.

Release Notes: This version adds SMTPOutputLogTarget to enable logging to email addresses, includes several bugfixes, changes the default log format so that the log entry times are formatted using a human friendly format, rotates logs before write, and adds RotateStrategyByDate to enable daily, weekly, and monthly rotation of log files.

Release Notes: JMX capability via the embedded MX4J application.

  •  09 Jul 2002 15:59

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, updates to documentation, and removal of some deprecated functionality.


Project Spotlight


A modest and easy-to-use editor with many useful features for HTML editing.


Project Spotlight

MUltihost SSH Wrapper

Broadcasts commands over SSH to multiple hosts.