Version 4.0 of Avalon

Release Notes: LogKit management and resource monitoring were added. Component management was made more robust. Several bugfixes were made. Support for Informix JDBC pooling was added.

Other releases

  •  24 Apr 2003 03:28

Release Notes: Excalibur-Thread was upgraded to 1.1 and the method for specifying JNDI naming handlers in the kernel was improved.

Release Notes: In this release, MX4J (JMX) is loaded by default. Beanshell kernel capability has been . XDoclet has been improved for JMX manifests. Block-initiated shutdown support has been added.

Release Notes: This version adds SMTPOutputLogTarget to enable logging to email addresses, includes several bugfixes, changes the default log format so that the log entry times are formatted using a human friendly format, rotates logs before write, and adds RotateStrategyByDate to enable daily, weekly, and monthly rotation of log files.

Release Notes: JMX capability via the embedded MX4J application.

  •  09 Jul 2002 15:59

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, updates to documentation, and removal of some deprecated functionality.


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