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  •  06 Apr 2004 10:32

Release Notes: Full configuration files for Fedora updates are now included.

  •  30 Jan 2003 17:01

Release Notes: Triggers now work for package downgrades too.

  •  17 Jan 2003 20:00

Release Notes: Notifying the user when RPM segfaults instead of just confusing the user.

  •  27 Oct 2002 10:00

Release Notes: More support for RPM 4.1 was added. The Accept_Regex_List() and Reject_Regex_List() commands were added. Support for architectures of hppaX.X was added.

  •  06 Sep 2002 17:30

Release Notes: This release has more useful exit codes: 0 (there are no errors and no RPMs in the interactive queue) and 1 (RPMS are in the interactive queue).

  •  20 Aug 2002 21:24

Release Notes: Delete_Old_Version() is now Delete_Old_Versions() in the source block, Copy_Old_Versions() was added to the source block, and a bug was fixed in Delete_Old_Versions().

  •  19 Aug 2002 02:53

Release Notes: Delete_Old_Version() was changed to belong in the source block instead of the 'updated' action block.

  •  18 Jul 2002 01:01

Release Notes: In this release, Downgrade(Yes) now works (use to downgrade to older versions of an RPM), Config_File() and Config_Dir() commands now include files in-place in the config file, there was a cosmetic change with reporting RPMs in interactive queue, and dots are now printed when trying to resolve dependencies.

  •  19 Jun 2002 21:36

Release Notes: Reduced verbosity of Accept_List() and Reject_List() configuration options, and removal of the "Warning: Either i686 or i386 is an unknown arch" error.


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