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Autoplot is an interactive browser for data on the Web. Give Autoplot a URL or a local file name and it creates a sensible plot of the data. Autoplot allows you to interactively browse data stored in ASCII, .cdf, netcdf, and many other formats. Autoplot was developed under the NASA Virtual Observatories for Heliophysics program in a collaborative effort among several institutions.

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  •  15 Jan 2012 02:01

Release Notes: This first release of Autoplot2011 branch contains all the bugfixes from Autoplot2010 and more, plus a number of new features, including Basic/Expert modes, native CSV file support, improvements to Jython scripting, and more ways to render data.

  •  08 Apr 2011 22:12

    Release Notes: The Jython data source editor panel has been fixed. Hidden plots are preserved when additional plots are added. Error reporting has been cleaned up. CDF libraries are served from a mirror at

    •  26 Mar 2011 20:35

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed, including a set of fixes based on runtime exception feedback.


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