Version 1.0.3 of autopackage

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression in 1.0.2 in the uninstaller/manager application, rearranges how .bashrc modifications are handled, and moves some translated metadata into the stub for easier parsing.

Other releases

  •  25 Mar 2006 10:16

Release Notes: Various distribution compatibility fixes were made. The manager icon is now installed properly. The download function was updated, which shortens wget timeouts for quicker failover to mirrors. Tcl/Tk skeletons were added. The Debian Menu System support was improved. Execution of paths-bash by zsh is prevented. A generated Luau XML repository file will use skeleton Repository meta-data as base URL. Packages will install (when changed in the configuration file) to locations such as /Apps/$SHORTNAME/$SOFTWAREVERSION again. "require" calls in the Prepare section of apspec files can pass arguments to their skeleton.

  •  07 Oct 2005 11:58

Release Notes: Fixes a bug related to GTK+ icon caching that was causing install failures on a few distributions. Fixes a problem with MIME typing. Fixes a bug that broke autopackage on Ubuntu Breezy. Improves the installLib() function slightly so that it skips symlinks inside the package.

  •  15 Aug 2005 04:46

Release Notes: The C++ standard libraries are now shipped with the core code to work around distributions that no longer install them by default. The "autosu" authentication program has been fixed to search more locations for xauth, which should silence some warnings on Ubuntu Breezy. Finally, the calculation of used disk space was fixed.

  •  29 Jul 2005 02:45

Release Notes: This release fixes a few problems people were seeing on various distributions. A fix for the "broken man" bug is included, and sudo authentication is now fully working on Ubuntu. Also, the ramdisk code was deleted, as it didn't work for everybody. Finally, the developer RPM had a cosmetic bugfix. It's recommended that everybody upgrade to get the MANPATH and sudo bugfixes. There are upgrade instructions on the Web page.

  •  22 Jun 2005 04:31

Release Notes: The logic for determining whether support code was using a terminal was fixed. Within installIcon, the icon theme directory is touched so that new icons are recognized. Within installExe, the permissions on files are changed to be executable. Path variables within the package's shell script are correctly updated. Variables in paths-bash are exported.


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