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AutoOpts is an integrated part of AutoGen. Based on a very simple option description file, it will process configuration files, environment variables, command line options, text strings passed by client programs, and will make the results easily accessible to the client program. It will also produce a man page and the info-doc invoking section automatically.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Nov 2008 01:19

    Release Notes: Hierarchically valued options can now be stored with the "--save-opt'' option. Option state may now be "reset". This is indistinguishable from the compiled state. If option state is "saved" later, such an option will not appear in the save file. There is a new option argument type: time. Its argument string represents years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The value seen by the program is an integer number of seconds (this is not a date/time.) The duration of a year is always 365 days and the duration of a month is always 30 days.

    •  08 Oct 2007 00:14

      Release Notes: libopts requires strsignal, so the config test has been moved. A "--save'' option bug has been fixed. Programs may now choose to have config files kept in cannonical form ("C" locale), even if long option names are translated. The option definition file must contain "no-xlate = opt-cfg;'' or "no-xlate = opt;''.

      •  28 Jan 2007 00:23

        Release Notes: Configuration file data for options with compound, structured argument values were not parsed correctly. This has been fixed.

        •  15 Oct 2006 16:29

          Release Notes: This release fixes a memory referencing issue that affected "make check" on a few platforms. There are more tweaks to make it compile on Windows platforms that do not have a Bourne-derived shell installed.

          •  01 Oct 2006 23:23

            Release Notes: The library and generated code could not be optimized to -O2 correctly by GCC due to pointer aliasing. These aliases have been fixed in a way that GCC can understand (using unions).


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