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Automate HDD formatter

Automate HDD formatter is a bash script using several Linux command to achieve automation of mass-formatting hard drives.The commands include "dd","parted",and "disktype". It could be useful if a business sells portable hard drives, to automate diagnostics and get portable drive info, or to allow an unskilled worker to format drives in mass quantities.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

New feature write HDD attribute into log file. 21 Jan 2010 05:33

/var/log/formater.log Hard disk's format date serial number, model ,size and speed will now auto append into formater.log

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2010 05:20

    Release Notes: Stability was improved.

    •  23 Jun 2009 05:51

      Release Notes: awk is now used to capture the output of commands. Size is now displayed correctly.

      •  23 Jun 2009 02:43

        Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Hard disk model and serial are now logged into format.log.

        •  19 Jun 2009 07:20

          Release Notes: This release adds a speed test and adjusts the screen display.

          •  12 Jun 2009 17:06

            Release Notes: Initial freshmeat release.


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