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Release Notes: When an option is configured out (via ifdef or ifndef attributes), it can now still show up in usage text as "disabled". AutoOpts now supports a new option attribute: aliases. This option will be listed in the usage text, but will be handled exactly as if the aliased-to option were specified. AutoGen tracing output now allows you to prefix a file name with shell-style append redirection to indicate that the output appends to the file (i.e. >>file).

  •  16 Aug 2006 20:14

Release Notes: You can now emit text into a suspended output stream. String tables make it very easy to produce an array of characters containing NUL terminated strings. Suffix specifications in the pseudo macro may now construct an output file name format string. The scheme function "version-compare" will allow you to compare two dotted version numbers. #assert is now active in definition files.

  •  10 Jan 2006 22:52

Release Notes: The program now builds against the Guile 1.7.x series. Major changes were made. libtool 1.5.22 is now used. A new version of AutoOpts was incorporated.

  •  27 Feb 2004 17:35

Release Notes: AutoFSM was enhanced with the notion of "noop" transition handling. fmemopen() is now used (when possible) for anonymous output (diversions). The Guile function (chdir "...") is now wrapped so that AutoGen can adapt. The definitions parser now uses an FSM parser instead of YACC. AutoOpt-ed programs can now have internationalized usage text. Templates have been added for using getopt(3) or getopt_long(3GNU) to parse options (in lieu of libopts).

  •  16 Feb 2003 17:29

Release Notes: This release was the result of a major effort to clean up the configury once and for all. It took two and a half months, and rolls together some noticeable improvements along with the configury fixes.

  •  17 Jun 2002 23:20

Release Notes: AutoGen will now accept definitions in the form of XML files. A new program, "xml2ag" has been incorporated into AutoGen. It uses the same commandline options and passes those options and the converted XML to an autogen process.

  •  05 Feb 2002 00:43

Release Notes: Using Guile/Scheme as the extension language, AutoGen can now act as a full replacement for PHP.

  •  03 Dec 2001 00:01

Release Notes: A find-file function was added, which searches the same directory list as AutoGen. getdefs can now load and save options to an "rc" file. It also searches its input files for embedded processing options.

  •  19 Feb 2001 11:58

Release Notes: Since 5.0.9 many bugfixes and feature enhancements were made. Since there are too many to list, you the see changelog for details.


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