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Autoconf is an extensible package of m4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages. These scripts can adapt the package to many kinds of UNIX-like systems without manual user intervention.


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Release Notes: Support for the Go programming language was added. Autoconf-generated configure scripts now unconditionally re-execute themselves with $CONFIG_SHELL, if that's set in the environment. Autoconf itself now requires Perl 5.6 or better, but not the generated configure scripts. The fallbacks for AC_PROG_LN_S and AS_LN_S were improved. Several macros were added and updated. Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Support was added for symlinked config.cache files. Newer gfortran is now supported. Several macros were obsoleted in favor of the corresponding Gnulib modules. Several minor bugs were fixed. The portability of the test suites was increased. The documentation was improved.

Release Notes: Recent regressions in the AC_INIT, AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS, and AC_CHECK_SIZEOF macros were resolved. A new AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH macro was added to accept long Fortran source code lines. AC_PREPROC_IFELSE was enhanced. Parallel execution of the test suite now works again.

  •  04 Jul 2010 18:40

Release Notes: Recent regressions in the macros AC_FUNC_MMAP, AC_TYPE_INT8_T, AC_TYPE_INT16_T, AC_TYPE_INT32_T, AC_TYPE_INT64_T, and AC_PROG_INSTALL were fixed. AC_CHECK_DECL and AC_CHECK_DECLS now accept optional function argument types for overloaded C++ functions. Several undocumented macros were improved and documented. Other minor changes were made.

  •  10 Dec 2009 05:46

Release Notes: The package is now licensed under the GPLv3+. New macros were added: AC_PROG_OBJCXX, AC_PROG_OBJCXXCPP, AT_CHECK_EUNIT, and m4_escape. AH_CHECK_HEADERS was reinstated. Bbugs in AC_LANG_COMPILER, AC_FC_FREEFORM, AC_TYPE_UINT64_T, AC_TYPE_INT64_T, and AC_FUNC_MMAP were fixed. `$tmp' in config.status is now documented. The config.status now provides a --config option.

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01 Mar 2014 21:14 kazkylheku Thumbs down

One of the biggest piles of shit ever written in the entire history of computing, that is a liability to every project that relies on it, and a big cancerous wart on the freeware movement.


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