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  •  17 Feb 2012 02:39

Release Notes: Listing of all configured archives and detailed information about them has been added. With this feature, you can see the current backup level of an archive. AutoArchive is now able to show and purge stored internal data for no-longer-existing archives. Many additional small improvements and bugfixes have been added.

  •  17 Jun 2011 11:27

Release Notes: Automatic backup level restarting is now supported. An internal tar implementation that is independent of external tools was added. The possibility of specifying an archive's destination directory was added. Handling of tar's messages was improved. Other small improvements and fixes were made.

  •  18 Mar 2011 20:48

Release Notes: Support for configuration files. Now it is possible to configure AutoArchive via system and per-user configuration files. Archive specification files (.aa files) may contain configuration options as well, so it is possible to do per-archive customization. Additionally, they have now their own dedicated directory where they can be placed. It allows you to use just a simple name instead of specifying the full path to an .aa file. The format of the .aa files was slightly changed; migration is required. AutoArchive code was heavily refactored, has a new architecture, and requires Python 3.

  •  25 Oct 2008 20:46

Release Notes: Gzip and lzma support for tar archives was added. New archiver types can be specified in the --archiver option: targz and tarlzma which create tar.gz and tar.lzma archives, respectively. The path to the user configuration directory was changed. The user configuration directory is now at ~/.config/aa/ instead of ~/.aa/. The ability to specify multiple .aa files was added. Now it is possible to specify more than one archive spec file as arguments. All of them will be processed and the corresponding number of archives will be created.


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