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  •  01 Mar 2013 22:08

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when used with Python 3.3.

  •  19 Jun 2012 21:40

Release Notes: This release fixes the exclusion of files from the archive and backup level restarting.

  •  28 Feb 2012 00:39

Release Notes: This release fixes processing of symbolic links by the internal tar archiver and removes unrelated warnings.

  •  28 Mar 2011 21:10

Release Notes: Info, warning, and error output messages now contain the name of the archive being processed; this is particularly helpful when processing multiple archives in a single run. This release fixes setting of the exit code, reading of the user-config-dir and user-config-file options, and more.

  •  14 Apr 2009 21:03

Release Notes: This release specifies the GNU GPL version (3) in file headers. Some example '.aa' configuration files have been added to the doc directory.A symbolic link to the aa command named 'autoarchive' has been created, and the same has been done for the man page.

  •  19 Nov 2008 18:26

Release Notes: Better handling of archiver exit codes and failures. When tar exits with code 1 (some files changed while being archived), the result of the backup operation is not 'failed'. A notice message is printed instead.


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