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24 Nov 2003 00:19 cnaguet

Great stuff
I use it on command line only mode and it does its job very well. Easy to install, easy to use.

23 Jan 2000 11:54 trevor

re: bloat
Hi, Karellen. IMO using 8 Pentium MHz and 1048 kB of RAM isn't worrisome, but if you have ideas for reducing bloat I'd like to hear them.

The only ALSA-specific feature in the program was support for hardware muting, but that's disabled because of undocumented changes to the ALSA drivers. Accordingly I've removed (or asked to have removed) the claims of ALSA compatibility from the descriptions on, on, in the Web page, and in the LSM file. Lately most of my development time has been under FreeBSD, so it's difficult for me to follow the happenings with ALSA. However, I'd welcome patches to improve compatibility with ALSA.

I'd prefer you wrote to the mailing list ( because I seldom check the comments on

31 Dec 1999 07:16 karellen

Why is aumix so bloated? 2.0 consumes 4% of my CPU (P200MMX)
and 3.2% of my memory (32 MB). And it doesn't work with ALSA
0.4.x unless I load the snd-mixer-oss module.


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