Version 2.12 of Python Audio Tools

Release Notes: Critical M4A tagging bugs were fixed. Optional support was added for Nero's free AAC codec. ID3v2 tag reading was improved to cover more rare edge cases. Support was added for "track total" and "disc total" metadata fields. The entire suite can now be translated with the use of standard gettext-based utilities.

    Other releases

    •  05 Dec 2012 23:33

      Release Notes: This release adds optional interactive modes to many utilities, CoreAudio support for track playback, improved handling of empty metadata fields, and Opus audio CODEC support.

      •  16 Apr 2012 20:08

        Release Notes: This release adds automatic metadata lookup to CD extraction utilities, removing the need to download or edit metadata files. Terminal-based interactive modes have been added to several utilities when Urwid is installed. Format reference documentation, metadata parsers, and internal audio codecs have all received significant overhauls.

        •  04 Apr 2011 14:19

          Release Notes: This release adds interactive modes to the trackplay and cdplay utilities, BIN/CUE disc image support to all CD reading utilities, progress indicators to all long running utilities, ID3 tagging configurability for MP3 files, and read-only DVD-Audio support.

          •  01 Nov 2010 16:47

            Release Notes: This release adds a trackverify utility for detecting damaged or truncated audio files whenever possible, and performs the same checks during transcoding. The default audio type and default quality level is now selectable. External requirements for WavPack support have been removed. Support was added for the esoteric multichannel Apple Lossless format.

            •  25 Jun 2010 08:34

              Release Notes: Support was added for Shorten and Apple Lossless audio formats.


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              A JSON+C minifier.


              Project Spotlight


              A deduplicating backup program.