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22 Apr 2002 16:48 fateswarm

I had similar problems but after following a suggestion here it worked well.

just "chmod 444 account.txt"
and do the same for shares.txt and it'll work like a champ.

17 Mar 2002 19:17 fredlwm

Re: It works!
First line: login
Second line: password

17 Mar 2002 06:37 xlord

Re: It works!
well do you mind giving me the syntax of it cause i still cant get it to work...
see this is what im doing..


that is all thouse are 2 makebelieve username and pass hehe i would like to know is this correct or am i missing something... ?

06 Mar 2002 11:11 bluepuyo

It works!
Okay, I've been having these invalid account problems also, even though I have a valid account and have formatted my account.txt as suggested in these comments.

I finally got sick of re-creating account.txt and removed my privledges as a user so it *couldn't* be deleted.

And guess what? Now it all works dandy again, from a user account and everything. I logged off and tried again, and again, it worked.

I hope this helps others.

01 Mar 2002 22:37 matusa

hello everyone
they changed the format of the files, they don't fall the READMEs
anymore. This change has been active maybe 2 months, or 1 1/2 months, it is now march 1.

shares.txt is as always, a file containing simply a path to the shared folder

account.txt is now slightly different; it has two lines, though now they are

USERNAME (not email)

hope this helps


11 Feb 2002 06:47 fredlwm

Re: Possible error in the documentation
I tried yesterday with my e-mail and it worked as an user after a few retries. And I think it doesn't matter if you run it as root.

10 Feb 2002 19:55 funkhauser

Possible error in the documentation
I tried using my audiogalaxy username (instead of e-mail address) in account.txt, and I didn't get any "invalid account" error message.

06 Feb 2002 13:41 fredlwm

Re: Doesn't work ?
OK, now I can't even run it as root:

Scanning files now...
Starting filescan...
dirsToScan[0]: /home/pervalidus/tmp/objdir
Scanning directory: /home/pervalidus/tmp/objdir
Number in fdatabase: 0 Number in filesystem: 0
Number in ddatabase: 0 Number in filesystem: 1
X: 0 Y: 0 newfiles: 0
AFTER COMPARE Number in fdatabase: 0 Number in filesystem: 0
AFTER COMPARE Number in ddatabase: 0 Number in filesystem: 1
(BLOCKING CONNECT) Trying to connect to master server:
Did not connect quickly, waiting
Activating Server
Creating new connect socket to port: 21 and IP: id: 0 sockfd: 4
Connection to server established
Here is getTransferCount
Sent server hello, client is running version: 0.520L
MSG from server: 0 14


And the account is valid.

06 Feb 2002 06:49 s4nd

New version of linux satellite
I ask myself when the Audiogalaxy team will remember that also exist Linux users, not only windows point-and-click dummies.. It's not so hard to fix a couple of stupid bug, when you WANT to do it..

06 Feb 2002 06:47 s4nd

Re: Doesn't work ?

> OK, I can't get it to work as a normal
> user. And when I run it as root from
> /root and with account.txt there, it
> creates temporary files in /. Why not
> use TMPDIR or something ? And the mp3
> are +x. Anybody know if you can run it
> as a normal user and use another
> directory for the files, like pwd ?

Why you can't run it from a normal user ?
I run the satellite from a normal user and it works good, without any error (only that +x mode on downloaded mp3's, but who cares?).
If you post an error message maybe somebody could help you :)


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