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AuctionGallery is a terminal script that creates picture galleries for the purpose of putting them into auctions like eBay or Yahoo! Auctions. It can also be used to automatically generate HTML templates for auction descriptions. It is aimed at power-sellers who have hundreds of products listed every day and need an efficient way of generating galleries and organizing pictures in a coherent directory structure.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Sep 2005 22:45

    Release Notes: A new command-line option -n item name was added. A links directory containing useful symlinks was added. The delete_originals option was added. A bug in which files get overwritten and duplicated during rename was fixed. Error checking of configuration options was improved. All convert and rename work is done in a temporary directory to avoid possible conflicts. Permission problems in the install script were fixed. The user config file permissions were made chmod 600 to hide passwords. Config file searching when using the -c option was improved. The sample configuration file was revised.

    •  21 Aug 2005 11:27

      Release Notes: User-defined configuration options were added to ~/auctiongallery/auctiongallery.conf. User-defined templates were moved to ~/auctiongallery/templates. Pictures and auction descriptions were moved to ~/auctiongallery/auctions. Backups were moved to ~/auctiongallery/backup. Some grammar in the README and manpages was corrected.

      •  14 Aug 2005 08:28

        Release Notes: The name of the package and executable was changed from gallery to auctiongallery. Parsing configuration and template files were eliminated. The trailing line break problem was fixed. convert_options now requires a set of quotes. The command-line parameters -c, -t, and -h were added. A man page was added. Sophisticated install and uninstall scripts were added. The sample templates were renamed to sample1, sample2, and sample3. The source code was reorganized, and everything was split into functions. gallery.html was renamed to description.html.

        •  07 Aug 2005 05:06

          Release Notes: The license was changed to the GPL. The parsing of configuration and template files was completely rewritten, and should be a lot faster now. append-user was changed to append_user. template_path was added to gallery.conf. Configuration is now checked at the beginning, before templates are listed. Invalid error checks when creating directories were fixed. More error checking was added to configuration/template variables.

          •  13 Jul 2005 18:22

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            21 Aug 2005 14:38 deathkrush

            Added new templates
            Preview and download the new templates at:


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