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AUCTeX is a much-enhanced (La)TeX environment for Emacs and part of the GNU project.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Jun 2006 23:46

    Release Notes: A new function TeX-doc for accessing docs on C-c ?. New "Clean" and "Clean All" commands for intermediate and output files. pdfsync support (forward search in PDF files). LaTeX comes with its own toolbar enabled by default. Some bugs have been fixed.

    •  19 Dec 2005 04:25

      Release Notes: Processing of errors and warnings resulting from processor invocations was improved. In order to make typing sub- and superscript in math constructs more convenient, automatic brace insertion upon typing '^' or '_' can be activated. French quotation marks as supported by the 'frenchb' or 'francais' babel options can now be entered by simply typing ". Completion support for options of some LaTeX packages was added. There are various bugfixes.

      •  30 Sep 2005 20:59

        Release Notes: The most important feature is the inclusion of the preview-latex subsystem, previously available separately. The installation procedures now also install startup files as part of the process (those had to be copied manually previously). You are advised to remove previous installations of AUCTeX and preview-latex before starting the installation procedure. A standard installation from an unmodified tarball no longer requires Makeinfo or Perl. Several minor feature enhancements have been added.

        •  03 Mar 2005 21:28

          Release Notes: This release fixes erroneous insertion of trailing whitespace during filling, unwanted display of the *Compile-Log* buffer when the first LaTeX file in an Emacs session is loaded, and 'File mode specification error: (error "Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size")' if an outdated Emacspeak package is installed. But since both Emacs and XEmacs contain a correct version of `regexp-opt.el', simply removing any such file within your copy of Emacspeak appears safer.

          •  12 Jan 2005 19:24

            Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release for XEmacs, as well as performance issues with font locking and filling, and other issues like broken fontification of verbatim environments. Font locking can now be customized to a great extent, and support for URLs, listings, jurabib, and csquotes was added. The parser now understands additional common commands like \DeclareRobustCommand. Two new sections were added to the manual: "Quick Start" for beginners, and "Font Locking" describing syntax highlighting in AUCTeX and its customization options.

            Recent comments

            04 Nov 2004 05:48 rbrito

            Excelent Addition to Emacs
            Now that I've been using auctex for more than 3 years, I think that it is one of the first packages that I include in my systems, right after I install Emacs.

            It is so nice to use and the current improvements being made just make it even better. Highly recommended for anybody that uses LaTeX with Emacs.


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