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  •  13 Jul 2005 11:45

Release Notes: Bundled help, extended themes, SCORM Run-Time Environment & SCO Manager, course tool preferences, multiple administrators, system preferences, a directory, content usage, a master student list, and a test/survey manager upgrade.

  •  05 Feb 2005 11:53

Release Notes: New features include forum upgrades, file manager upgrades, an enrollment manager overhaul, a backup manager, a question database, test/survey manager upgrades, a theme manager, RSS feeds, new feedback and error handling, embedded ACollab, system announcements, and easy enrollment.

  •  02 Oct 2004 07:31

Release Notes: The Test Manager now includes a Likert question wizard for creating surveys. Content can be secured outside the Web directory to prevent unauthorized access. The search utility has been extended to search all available courses and the course catalog. Themes can be associated with course categories, to create a common look across related courses. One-question polls can be created to quickly gather opinions. A default language can be associated with a course. The source code repository has been made available for checkout.

  •  29 May 2004 12:01

Release Notes: New features include templating, student roles and privileges, improved content packaging and testing features, a learning objects repository, work groups, and more.

  •  15 Nov 2003 08:00

Release Notes: This release adds IMS Content Packaging (interoperable content and an offline package viewer), new languages (German and Italian, in addition to Spanish, French, Farsi, and others), an updated zip utility, course categories (group courses by topic), a course backup utility (copy and restore courses), course coverage tracking (view a summary of pages visited), content search (find content fast), course list importation/exportation (add students to a course, or save an enrollment list), and accessibility enhancements (a dynamic menu bypass link),

  •  07 Jul 2003 11:50

Release Notes: This release has multi-lingual support, new feature icons, fixed reliance on PHP register_globals, AChat accessible online chat, and many minor bugfixes and enhancements.

  •  19 May 2003 14:10

Release Notes: This release includes the addition of the test manager, a print compiler, functional feedback, a tracker, context sensitive help, and stylesheet and header editors, among other bugfixes and enhancements. Language support has been implemented in in this version, to be integrated with the central translation database and made available in the next release.


Project Spotlight


A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.


Project Spotlight


A language that adds classes, methods, and other object oriented features to C.