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Atris Framework

Atris Framework is a fully functional platform independent GUI framework based on the Java/Swing API. It provides an advanced GUI screen editor with features including an abstract data layer, pre-built Design Patterns, data set to visual component mappings, window management (tiling, last position/size memory), database/app server login control, preference management, advanced table and tree management, advanced data relationship management, automated management of standard CRUD operations, launching GUI applications from Web sites directly, table sorting, column ordering, table searching, in-table editing, and the ability to import existing visual components in addition to many other features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Feb 2005 23:01

    Release Notes: Full Report support has been added. Reports can be added to applications quickly, providing a more mature application to the end user. Initial Internationalization support has been added. This step forward gives the option of using different languages by making use of text 'tags'. The free Cloudscape database (which does not require the installation of server software) has been added. You can distribute the database data and application configuration .ini file (in a distributable jar), and create an application that requires no database install and no DB connection setup.

    •  29 Oct 2004 18:19

      Release Notes: This release includes built in full text, context-sensitive extendable help, print capabilities, server side and user defined filters that are preserved, upgrades to the latest graphing API, an improved menu look, and many other upgrades, fixes, and additions.

      •  18 Aug 2004 18:26

        Release Notes: Significant improvements, focusing on real world compatibility issues to ensure that the framework can be used on any platform. Ease of use concerns have been addressed, making the finished application easier to use and more consistent. The Screen editor has been improved, with additional functions (including UNDO) making screen development easier. Additional examples and code samples have been added, and a new tutorial document was created. Extensive work was done to ensure compatibility with popular databases (a Compatibility suite), especially in the area of auto-generated SQL code.

        •  18 Mar 2004 18:45

          Release Notes: This release adds new advanced features to the screen editor, including the ability to add graphic images to buttons and tab controls. It adds the ability to add text to boxes, and fixes a number of usability bugs in the editor. It improves the handling of several of the design patterns while simplifying their use. Corrections to event handling of the resize and postopen events were also made.

          •  13 Nov 2003 06:06

            Release Notes: This patch release to the Atris Framework corrects several problems and introduces some new object concepts. The problem with the SQL initialize sequence that did not work on some databases has been fixed to work on all database. Additional Graph object attributes have been added. The AtrisNVO object type (Non-Visual object) has been added to the editor to allow non-visual components to persist on the screen. Several editor defects have been fixed. The framework now handles BigInteger datatypes correctly.


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